Monday, March 22, 2010

Indi-The Leader

It appears to me that Indi is taking over the Leader newspaper.

First he had one article...... I liked it

Then the KOTTU supplement.... Got hooked to blogs after reading it. Some posts were better than the articles in the main paper.

Then Indi started putting his own posts in Kottu supplement...... To me Kottu is an introduction
to various blogs. We already know

Then Indi's father's articles........ I like these.

Last Sunday an article by Indi's mother appeared.....

So last sunday's Leader paper had
1. Indi's article
2. His father's article
3. His mother's article
4. Two posts by Indi in Kottu

So I wonder about the future Leader... Will there be only articles by Indi, parents, sisters,
aunts, uncles, cousins, other relatives and friends of Indi?

Is Indi only trying to help the Leader because other are not brave enough to write for it? Is the paper in a desperate state? Has Indi got some power at the Leader? There are these stories about NGO money. I didn't believe these but now I wonder....

Whatever the reason c'est un peu bizarre, non?