Thursday, February 25, 2010

SUVs are SO NOT Cool

The owners of SUVs want us to think that they are

Lovers of nature/ wildlife

What we think of the owners of SUVs

They are corrupt politicians
Businessmen with loans who want to impress
Destroyers of the environment

The stupid drivers of SUVs do not know that their humongous vehicles are for rugged terrain and Not for the narrow crowded streets of Colombo. We do not think they are lovers of nature because we know that they are polluting the environment with their fuel guzzling monsters.

Disturb Wildlife
If they love wildlife they should not go into wildlife reserves and disturb the poor animals. These animals are restricted to the reserves by greedy land grabbing humans. Anyway if they are so desperate to watch animals they can hire a jeep for their occasional trips.

The drivers of SUVs intimidate me in my tiny fuel efficient vehicle so I hate them. The SUVs should be banned in cities. The streets are not perfect but we do not need SUVs to drive on them.

SUV owners do not Impress us. We think you are idiots at best
You guys who can afford SUVs can afford to buy a classy car like BMW, Jag, Porch or Merc. So please do. Then we will be impressed. The drivers of these cars not as aggressive as those of SUVs.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Asanga at Kala Pola - Sunday 21st. Opposite the Art Gallary

You Don't Have to be a Millionaire

I thought only the super rich could afford to buy art. The paintings at the exhibitions at art galleries are prised so high I could not dream of buying an original painting. Some of the painting are downright ugly, grotesque, scary and depressing. They look like works of disturbed minds. I never regret not being able to afford this sort of art because I do not want them inside my home, whatever the art critiques say but I always wished I could own some beautiful paintings.

Kala Pola is for Everybody

My dream of owning a beautiful painting came true when I visited the Kala Pola a few years ago. There are paintings to suit everybody's taste as lots of artists exhibit there. The prices are affordable too. Even if you don't want to buy anything it's a nice to look at art and you can have a hot dog, an ice cream and a fizzy drink. I know none of these things are good for you but it feels so good to indulge yourself.

Asanga is my Favourite

Asanga and Rasika, his wife, are from Kandy. They are graduates of The University of Fine Arts. Asanga's paintings are of big flowers (now in vogue ) and of birds. He is very skilled and the paintings are beautiful - this is the opinion of my famous, foreign trained artist friend.

Beautiful Investments

I have baught a few of Asanga's paintings. They make my home beautiful and bring me joy everyday. I think they are under priced. Maybe it's because Asanga is from Kandy and therefore not business savvy. My husband expects Asanga to be famous one day so he thinks the painting are a good investment. I do not feel bad buying the painting because I feel I am helping nice young couple and doing my bit for the arts.

Have fun at the Kala Pola. A Dimanche mes amis!