Sunday, July 4, 2010

Politicians For Sunday School

Sunday School For Politicians

Sunday School should be Compulsory for the Politicians not for children.
Sri Lankan politicians need help desperately. If we believe what the different religions teach, most of our politicians will go to hell and be tortured for all eternity.

Burden For Children

The children are innocent. They are too busy with studies and other activities to be committing crimes. The average Lankan parents take good care of their children. They try their best to give their children a good education to ensure they have a good future. Hence the tuition classes. It's compulsory for children to study religion till OL's. The syllabus for Buddhism is set by monks so the children have to study areas much in excess of what is necessary for a layman. So what is the need for Sunday school? Why burden children even more?

Lead By Example

My parents never go to temple but are honest and decent people. My father is honest at whatever cost.

Our politicians are setting a very bad example for the children. They show that lying, cheating and killing is not only acceptable but that it's path to wealth and power.

Sunday school is essential for politicians. It will save them and our country.