Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who Wants Madonna For A Mother?

Do You Want A Mother Like Madonna?

Do you want a mother who spends three hours a day exercising?
Do you want your mother to have rock hard abs and muscular arms?
What would you say to a grandmother with a plastic face like Cher?
Do you really want your mother or you grand mother lusting after boys?
Twenty-two year old boys who are even younger than you?
Oh God, NO NO NO.

Insecurity or Beauty
Do you think Madonna and Cher are confident and secure women?
I don't think so. Why are they so desperate to look young?
In spite of their fame and success there is something seriously wrong with them.
Compare them with the Sri Lakan mothers.

Confidence to Let Themselves Go
The average Sri Lankan mother is overweight and bothered about it.
She wears long shapeless shirts and skirts- most unflattering.
Un-styled hair in a slide and un-pedicured feet in comfortable slippers.
I used to wonder why these women don't make an effort.

Now I think these women feel secure and confident.
They feel secure in their marriages and their place in society.
They are not self obsessed - they focus on caring for their families.
I'd choose a woman like this over Madonna any time.

Women Made for Loving
What we love about our mothers and grand mothers is their softness.
Their soft laps and gentle arms bring comfort to a child.
The wrinkles in a grand mother's face makes her beautiful.
Much more pleasing than startled plastic face of Cher.

Isn't it wonderful that our mothers and grand mothers fuss over us?
Making yummy food and making our homes comfortable?
How awful it must be to have a mother with a young boyfriend.
She'll be taking care of him instead of us. Soooo gross.

Do YOU want Madonna as your mother?